Kainai Adolescent Treatment Centre

KanaiThe Kainai Adolescent Treatment Centre, on the Blood Reserve, is a Licensed and Accredited 90 day 7 bed Co-ed Residential Treatment Facility serving youth 12–17 years of age. The treatment program utilizes a holistic treatment model based on First Nations Culture and the 12 step recovery process values to assist residents struggling with
substance abuse and addictions, in guidance of young people into becoming healthy contributing members to their communities.

Treatment Philosophy

Using Kainaiwa values and Beliefs, the Kainai Adolescent Treatment Centre is a safe, healthy and therapeutic environment for residents and staff. The holistic treatment methods combine current best practices with the aim of balancing the 4 aspects of being
according to traditional First Nations values. Accurate assessment of resident’s needs through an integrated multi-disciplinary approach is culturally based and requires resident’s involvement in all aspects of treatment planning.
KATC recognizes that all individuals deserve respect, honour, dignity and are gifts from the creator. KATC strives to teach residents to become contributing members of their communities using the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous.

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