Charles J Andrew Youth Centre

The Charles J. Andrew Youth Treatment Centre is located in the community of Sheshatshiu, Labrador. The Centre offers solvent addiction treatment services for First Nation youth, between the ages of 12 and 18. Charles J Andrew is a twelve-bed facility that operates a continuous intake cycle all year round.


The Charles J. Andrew Youth Treatment Centre is committed to empowering aboriginal youth throughout Canada through the provision of a holistic healing program. The program is strongly influenced by traditional aboriginal values, beliefs and practices. Spirituality and reconnecting to the land will be key components in nurturing and building self-confidence and developing skills amongst youth to help them reach their full potential as community members.

Services Offered:

Treatment Program

• Individual Therapy
• Group Therapy
• Traditional Native Therapy
• Family Counselling
• Academic studies
• Recreation
• Wilderness Program

Pre & Post Treatment

• Help referral agencies complete individual assessments
• Help referral agencies develop treatment plan for clients
• Develop individual aftercare plan with clients and community agencies
• Contact former clients on a regular basis
• Provide communities with workshops on solvent abuse.


Mailing Address:
Charles J Andrew Youth Treatment Center
P.O. Box 109
Sheshatshiu, NL
Canada – A0P 1M0


Phone and Fax Number
Phone: 1-079-497-8995
Fax: 1-709-497-8993

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