Who We Are

The Canadian YSAC Group is a Network of 10 First Nation Youth Residential Treatment Centres spread throughout various regions of Canada.  The centres were established between 1995 and 2005.  We also have representation from one American Solvent Centre (Alaska).  The strength of this group lies in its ability to come together around a shared vision, while still encouraging each centre to function within its individual treatment philosophy. The group meets quarterly in various regions of Canada to define strategic initiative, collaborate on research and prevention efforts, and define mechanisms for solvent abuse treatment Best Practice.

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Delivering proactive, social, cultural and evidenced-based programs that empower Indigenous, families and communities to improve their quality of life.


To work in partnership with member centers and external agencies to set the direction for the provision of quality youth treatment service delivery at a national level, while respecting the autonomy of individual centres.


  • To strengthen  our Indigenous Recovery Network of substance abuse Treatment Centres for  youth, their families and communities;
  • To provide services based on indigenous principles and values;
  • To utilize and respect the natural value of culturally based programming;
  • To develop and share  Best Practice initiatives with members and partner organizations, nationally and Internationally;
  • To ensure a national perspective is considered in conjunction with attention to and respect for regional and centre based priorities and projects.
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