Nenqayni Youth Centre

Nenqayni is located in the heart of the Cariboo Region of British Columbia in the territory of the Chilcotin Shushwap and Carrier First Nations. Nenqayni’s Youth Program has been running for over 5 years. We serve First Nations Youth and their families from communities across Canada. The Youth & Family Inhalant Program is a six month program for the treatment of female solvent abusers ages 13-18. The program also addresses other issues through individual and group sessions such as: drug alcohol and cross addictions, grief and loss, anger management, family violence, self-esteem, sexual abuse, co-dependency, self-awareness, communication skills, life-skills, spirituality, health education and personal wellness. The balanced program is enhanced by cultural teaching, academic assistance, hand crafts, recreation and a variety of physical activities.

Our statement of purpose is;

“To provide holistic healing to First Nations and Inuit youth and families, and communities in a safe and secure environment.”

We believe that the family and community is an important part of youth treatment. We provide a family component near the end of the youth’s treatment cycle. The families are given an opportunity to join the program for a period of four weeks to participate in family counselling sessions designed to strengthen family unity prior to their return to the home community. Aftercare is also provided for the youth, a 24-hour telephone counselling is available and community visits are made by staff whenever possible.


Mailing Address:
Nenqayni Youth Centre
P.O. Box 2529
Williams Lake, BC
Canada – V2G 4P2


Phone and Fax Number
Phone: 1-250-989-0301
Fax: 1-250-989-0307

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