Ethical Decision Making

Who should take this course?

• This course is designed for all levels of front Line of staff of YSAC treatment centres.
• It is a required course prior to receiving Clinical Supervision Certification.


This course is delivered online, and a printable certificate becomes available after successfully completing the course with a score of 80% or higher. The course is available to be retaken.
This course is eligible for continuing education credit through Canadian Council for Professional certification (CCPC) and Indigenous Certification Board of Canada (ICBA)

The YSAC Ethics and Ethical decision making course is an in person 4 hour module that has been realigned to also be offered online. It combines information about various codes of ethics, a unit on self-awareness as an essential tool for being ethical, and some scenario work around a variety of ethical dilemmas that can be present in addictions facilities.

Course Outline

  • Course Objectives (Competencies)
  • Addiction professional’s obligations
  • Confidentiality regulations
  • Central principles of ethics:
  • Challenges to acting ethically:
  • Self-Awareness- your biases, values ( religious or cultural) morals
  • Knowledge of professional standards ( SW, Psychology
  • Knowledge of certain acts ( i.e. Child and Family Services, Human Rights etc.
  • Ethical Decision Making Scenarios
  • Professional Responsibility Considerations
  • Supervisor- Supervisee Relationship
  • Supervisor Competence
  • Ensuring Supervisee Competence
  • Remaining Competent ( Professional Development)
  • Informed Consent
  • Ethics vs. Morals
  • Which Codes of Ethics Guide us?
  • Traditional Native Code of Ethics


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