Outcome Collection

Who should take this course?

• This course is designed for all levels of front Line of staff of YSAC treatment centres who have a role in treatment progress, collecting outcome, accreditation etc.
• It is a required course prior to receiving a password to use the system.


This course is delivered online, and a printable certificate becomes available after successfully completing the course with a score of 80% or higher. The course is available to be retaken.
This course is eligible for continuing education credit through Canadian Council for Professional certification (CCPC) and Indigenous Certification Board of Canada (ICBA)

Outcome Collection Course Description

The YSAC Group is committed to delivering programs that offer proactive, social, cultural and evidence-based programs that aid youth with solvent use issues and empower Indigenous families and communities to improve their quality of life.
This course focuses on the use of standardized measures and the importance of selecting the right measures when you are conducting a program evaluation. It outlines some measures that we have found to fit nicely with the four directions of the medicine wheel.
The course tales approximately 120 minutes to complete within the online course software.
If you are interested in taking this course, please email ysac@shaw.ca

Course Outline

• What is Outcome Evaluation
• What is Quality Assurance
• What is Outcome Data
• What are your inputs?
• Sample Treatment Outcomes
• Outcomes and Where we collect them
• Outcome Indicators
• Indicators
• Defining Treatment Success:
• MARR Outcome Study
• Outcome Evaluation Guide
• Inputting into a Data Base


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