YSAC Database

Who should take this course?

• This course is designed for all levels of staff of YSAC treatment centres who have a role in entering client data into the YSAC data base system.
• It is a required course prior to receiving a password to use the system.


This course is delivered online, and a printable certificate becomes available after successfully completing the course with a score of 80% or higher. The course is available to be retaken.

YSAC Database Course Description

YSAC data base is an online course that takes between 2-4 hours to complete. The course can be started and stopped at your convenience. You can receive an invitation to the course by emailing a course request to ysac@shaw.ca

Course Outline

• Introduction
• Getting Started
• Adding a New Client
• Editing a Client Profile
• Sorting Clients
• Adding Filters
• Forms
• Intake Form
• YPRS Form
• Follow Up Form
• Valpar Form
• Outreach
• Sorting
• Statistics
• Getting Started- Logging In
• Starting a client file
• Sorting Information
• Using Forms
• Forms-
• Outreach
• Reporting- Outreach
• Knowledge testing portion


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