Clinical Supervision

Who should take this course?

• This course is designed for team leaders, managers, Directors and supervisors who manage counselors.


This course is delivered in person and has a take home knowledge integration piece that will take approximately 8-10 additional hours to complete. Certificate is not awarded until trainer receives the knowledge integration portion.
This course is eligible for continuing education credit through Canadian Council for Professional certification (CCPC) and Indigenous Certification Board of Canada (ICBA)

Clinical Supervision Course Description

The course is 2 full days in length in person delivery, and includes an online ethical decision making unit.
If you are interested in taking this course, please email

Course Outline

• Course Objectives
• Course Outline
• Supervisory Challenges
• Core Competencies Assessment
• History
• Supervision Defined
• IC&RC Certification Standards
• CCACF Standards for Certified Clinical Supervisors
• CCPC Standards for Clinical Supervisors
• FNWAAC Standards
• Models of Clinical Supervision
• Supervisor Development
• Counselor Development
• Assessment and Evaluation
• Standards for Certified AODA Counselors
• Professional Responsibility
• Liability Issues and Due Process
• Ethical Decision Making
• Guidelines for supervision
• Supervision Formats
• Sample Supervision Journal
• Sample Supervision Portfolio Structure
• Continuing Education
• Clinical Supervision in Addictions Counseling:
• Parallel Process in Supervision
• The Function of Supervision


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