YSAC Mental Health-Building Concurrent Capable Treatment Centres

Who should take this course?

• This course is designed for all front line or supervisory staff, teachers, support persons.


This course is delivered in person and takes 2 – 4 days classroom time, depending on the chosen units.
This course is eligible for continuing education credit through Canadian Council for Professional certification (CCPC) and Indigenous Certification Board of Canada (ICBA)

YSAC Trainers

Debra Dell
Jessica Hibbs (2010)
Deborah Maclean, (2010)
Raija Vic (2010)

YSAC Mental Health Course Description

About This Course: developed During fiscal years 2009-2011 The program focuses on the intersection of addiction and mental health issues in First Nation’s and Inuit youth. The new training program is YSAC Mental Health Training- Building Concurrent capable centres.
The program was developed using the latest available research, and with a focus on strength based early intervention, and prevention mechanisms, as well as a focus on holistic wellness

Course Outline

• Introduction to Mental Health and Addiction,
• Self Harm,
• Anxiety,
• Depression,
• Bi Polar Disorder, Schizophrenia
• Trauma
• Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
• The units can be delivered as stand-alone sections or as a full 4 day training module.


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