Young Spirit Winds Youth Program



While maintaining high quality standards of service, Hobbema Young Spirit Winds Society offers First Nations youth holistic treatment, aftercare & support by utilizing cultural teachings, appropriate resources and partnerships.

Program Description

Young Spirit Winds is an outpatient day program for aboriginal youth ages 12–17 years of age. It is a co-ed program with a seat capacity of 12 youth for the day program. The Youth begin at 10:00 am and leave at 3:00 pm. Transportation is provided for those who reside within the 4 bands of Hobbema Alberta.

Day Treatment

Topics covered in the day treatment program include: Communication & Self Awareness;
Addictions & Assessments; Cultural Identity; Health & Awareness; Grief, Loss & Recovery;
Self Esteem & Peer Pressure; Anger Management & Cycle of Violence; Family &Community;
NAAAW; Addictions &Relapse Prevention; Coping Skills & Change.

Mobile Treatment

Topics covered the mobile treatment program include: Substance/Process Addiction Education; Self-Esteem & Peer Pressure; Communication; Cultural Awareness; Anger Management & Cycle of Violence; Residential School Impacts; Grief, Loss & Recovery;
Gang Awareness & Prevention; Health Awareness; Brain Gym, Brain Power.

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