YSAC Update (November 2013)
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Equine Therapy as an adjunct program component continues to grow.
Beginning with a trial program in 2002 the White Buffalo Treatment centre began the use of equine therapy as regular program component. Through years of experimentation and some dedicated research and publication, the benefits of this form of intervention are beginning to spread..
YSAC Update (November 2007)
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Celebrating Success
2007 marked the tenth year of operation for several of the YSAC centres. Its hard to believe an entire decade has passed since the initial call for proposals was launched and construction of the centres started. the decade passed has brought many wonderful opportunities for the centres to learn and grow. Several centres celebrated this milestone including White Buffalo who hosted a community Round dance on June 16, 2007…



YSAC Update (May 2006)

Communication is Key
On November 30, 2005, at the YSAC Quarterly meeting, the Youth Solvent Committee invite boards and regions to partake in a full day review and planning session of YSAC activities. The day was very informative and provided an excellent start to the development of the 2006 – 2007 work plan for YSAC. We asked participants for feedback on a variety of topics related to Leadership of the centres, staffing the centres, buildings, environment and direct client services…



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